Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fr. Chris, Could we have a sacristy that looks like this?

Dear Fr. Chris, I thought while we were in Rome, I could sort of check out some of the building ideas that might be cool for us to consider as we get closer to constructing the parish hall. I really like this adaptation of a sacristy and think it would be a slight improvement over our two closets in the chapel and at St. Mary's. You can post your comments here if you like...
Deacon Patrick ;)


Kristen Lehman said...

Thank you Deacon Pat for offering to pay for the beautiful sacristy as seen above. What a generous gift to our parish community! It will definitely fit in perfectly with the rolling hills and farmland at Brickey Lane.

**all above reference to donation is manufactured and intent on humor and is in no way factual**

Marcy said...

And we can use the side seats for time out. (Or napping if things get slow.)