Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Building meeting Monday, July 7, 2008

St. Albert the Great Parish
Building Committee
Monday, July 7, 2008
6:30 pm

No MPC review needed
No traffic study needed at this time

1) Opening Prayer: Bill Morgan
2) Issues from last meeting
a. Site work on Fast Track – it was decided to do the site work in 2 phases
b. Phase 1: Grading for Parish Center Building Site & Picnic Pavilion – with all appropriate permits in place, we hope to be “moving ground” by August 1.
c. Phase 2: Grading for parking lot & water retention basin soon thereafter
3) Traditional Design/Bid/Build vs. Design/Build
a. Consensus to go with a design/build approach; this means we will be adding a Contractor to the Design Team ASAP.
b. The sub-committee consisting of Fr. Chris, Deacon Mike, David Nevin & Jim Hinton narrowed the contractor field to 3 names. Evan, Merit & Messer construction. Each of these contractors will be interviewed next week and the results will be presented to the building committee at the next meeting.
4) The committee reviewed the latest drawings of the building interior and exterior.
Many suggestions were made concerning windows, exit doors, window height, choir location etc.
The architects will redesign and present revised drawings at the next meeting. Check back soon for that design.
5) Jim Hinton & Bill Morgan will be working on the pavilion plans
6) The architects have begun work on designing an entrance sign, they will have more detailed information next meeting.
7) Next Meeting: July 21st 6:30 pm
8) Closing Prayer: Kathy Walker

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