Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Meeting of the Building Committee

The first meeting of the Building Committee
May 15, 2008.
Building Committee Members:
Chair: Deacon Mike Eiffe - Mike has worked as a Civil Engineer in the water resources area with TVA. His love for the church called him to his ordination and his love for ministry calls him to chair this committee.

Dan Alexander - In his working days, Dan worked in purchasing at the University of Tennessee. Now retired, Dan can be found in many aspects of ministry at St. Albert the Great Parish. His love for liturgy brings him to the building committee.

Eva George- Eva will lend her musical expertise and love for the liturgy to the building committee.

Jim Hinton has spent the last 12 years working as an architect and is already giving of his time and experience to help the parish build its first permanent structure, a pavillion.

John Kerwin currently works for a civil engineering firm as a CAD tech. His experience with the industry will be invaluable to the process.

Kristen Lehman as ministries coordinator, Kristen will look at the building and how it will be used by all our parish groups. She is also responsible for updating the blog site and other areas of communication about the building process.

Bill Morgan spent his working career as an engineer and has recently retired from TVA. His experience in church planning and community building will be of great asset to the committee.

David Nevin has served on building committees in two other parishes. He has a great love for the Powell/Halls community and likewise for our parish.

Larry Rossini has spent many years in education, both through Faith Formation as well as working as a Small Business Consultant through Pellisippi State.

Kathy Walker is an expert in art and Environment. Her experience with liturgy and eye for design will be of enormous benefit as we pick colors and textures for our new building.

Chip Widener has worked in Fire Inspection for 31 years. He will be deeply involved in the design and building process.

We thank all of our building committee members for their deep committment to St. Albert the Great. we encourage you seek them out with questions or comments concerning our building process.

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